Dalia Iskander
Broker, REALTOR®

(704) 292-4733

I grew up in Alexandria, Egypt, a city full of rich culture and history. I went to a German school, where I learned to  speak English, German and a little French on top of my mother tongue, Arabic. Later, I worked for many years in the airline/travel industry which has given me a chance to see many parts of the world and see the different lifestyles and cultures. In 2010, my family and I moved to Dubai and throughout our years there I lived and worked with over 200 nationalities and learned to appreciate the diversity of the human race.

Before moving permanently to Charlotte, my family and I had visited North Carolina several times and were always impressed by the amazing scenery, the mountains, the beaches and the great weather. When the opportunity arose for us to move here we didn’t hesitate. Our move with 2 teenage girls went even smoother than expected, we were overwhelmed by the friendliness and warmth of everyone we dealt with. I later discovered that we’re not the only ones who loved the Queen City enough to move here. Charlotte is one of the fastest growing cities in the country and people are moving here not only internationally but also from all parts of the United States.

I enjoy living in Charlotte and its proximity to the mountains as well as the beach, its great schools and colleges, and affordable cost of living. I even found all my Middle Eastern groceries here!

Now I’m helping others who are relocating to this great city. I’ve been through it, and I can relate with the stress but also with the excitement involved. Let me help you find your perfect home!

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